Our commercial litigation and disputes team work with you to understand and manage risks to your business and to resolve disputes effectively. We’ll help to protect your reputation and promote your success.

We work with you closely to understand your business and personal objectives and to help you minimise risk to your business.

Issues that we regularly help with include:

  • Managing your relationships and agreements with third parties – including third party suppliers, agents, purchasers, customers and advisers
  • Managing the relationships between directors, shareholders and employees – including covenant issues, breach of confidence and breach of duty
  • Protecting your business assets – including your intellectual property, brand and property
  • Protecting your financial position – including financing agreements, banking arrangements, securities and guarantees.

When disputes can’t be resolved through mediation or informal arrangements, we can also help you take matters further, all the way to court if needed.

If you need guidance and advice, please contact our expert solicitors today on 0113 345 4114.