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Debt recovery

In these unpredictable economic times, it's important that your outstanding debts be collected quickly and efficiently to help your cash flow. Maintaining cash flow is a crucial aspect of running a successful company. Our lawyers recognise that collecting a debt due to you as fast as possible is critical to the smooth administration and running of your company.

Unlike debt collection agencies, which provide a one-time service, we provide a long-term commercial connection to your company. We take a personal approach and take pleasure in getting to know your business so that we can deliver a service that is tailored to your needs in order to achieve the best possible recovery.

We will take away the stress and guide your business through the entire process offering practical and commercially focused advice. We offer the following commercial debt recovery services:

  • Bankruptcy Petitions
  • County court Bailiffs
  • County Court Proceedings
  • Disputed Debts
  • Enforcement
  • High Court Enforcement
  • Judgement
  • Letter Before Action
  • Staturoty Demands
  • Winding Up Petitions

For further information, please contact our professional business debt collection and commercial debt recovery attorneys on 0113 345 4114, or fill out the below enquiry form, and one of our staff will contact you at a time that is convenient for you.

Why choose Quebec Law Solicitors


understand your business and and its objectives. Our solicitors will give you straightforward advice.


Disputes can be a distraction from your day-to-day business. We’ll make sure you get back to business as usual quickly.


We take time to draw up a clear litigation strategies to help you get the best result possible for your business.


Our litigation solicitors are available. We return all messages within 60 minutes.

Litigation funding


legal costs are paid by the business. Fees are typically paid on an agreed hourly basis and various disbursements and incidental costs are included.


It is possible to agreed fixed fees or capped fees for various stages of litigation. The potential advantage for the client is certainty on costs and some clients like the idea that their lawyers have some risk in the case.


This type of funding is mostly useful where money is tied up in fixed assets, such as property, which is then released after the asset is sold.


A CFA means your legal team agrees to charge a reduced fee if your case is not successful. If the case is successful normal fees (as in private funding) are charged plus a ‘success fee’.


A DBA functions similarly to a CFA, but in this case the legal fees are covered by a percentage of the damages received.


This is an insurance policy that provides pre-emptive cover for possible future legal problems. .


This is an insurance policy that is taken out after the dispute has arisen. This insurance provides cover against the risk of paying the other party’s legal costs and expenses if you lose the case.